Early January I got interviewed by Iro- Iro Trax FM!
For you who don't know what's Iro-iro, it's a radio show on Trax FM which reviewing any japanese things, such as music, culture, idol, cosplay, etc since yearrsss ago!

At first, one of the host interested in me from my blog and told one of my friend to help inviting me. 
I was required to bring 2 costume (but only 1 I brought), and I was puzzled because it's a radio talkshow, why should I bring costumes?

Yeah, a BIG SURPRISE, It's a video show! which is 4 session! 
I was sooo honorable to be the first guest!

(and I was a bit nervous..)

Thanks God, the hosts (Echibon and Qwill) are so kind and "rame", they really reduce my nervous!

Curious? Watch it here! 
(It's a playlist, please watch the whole 4 videos) ^^

1st Part: Iro-Talk (Interview about costume making, idol, and my life..)

2nd Part: Iro-News (Flash news about japan news)

3rd Part: Iro-Tomodachi (Replying your question by tweets!)

4th Part: IroChallenge! ( Challenging game between me and 2 hosts, this time: costume design challenge!)

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I will upload some vids soon!

Thank you Iro-Iro team for inviting me :)

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Another commission: Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors 8 !

It's my 2nd time making this same costume haha.
I used satin bridal and  pvc leathers for the main fabric.

Btw, in this costume I challenged to did embroidery 
(I did tracing and the embroidery by other people)

I should rescale from the original picture, print, trace.
There are 9 parts: 2 in legs, 1 for back, 2 for front, 2 for sleeves, 2 for gloves.






Leggings (or side leg), it's a long embroidery. check the refference picture :p

The finished result:

Chinese button

Skirt (it'll be sew together with belt)

Back part

Short pants with snap button

Short pants

Btw there are still other parts: boots cover and belt (forgot to take the photo..)

I'm open commission for this costume, email me at kyorinco@yahoo.com :)

Thank you!!

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In late 2015 I got a commission from Donna Visca for a Dota2 costume - Antimage,
It's my 3rd time made her costume. (Heart Ribbon, Lina Dota2, and this)

So here's the real form of Antimage

 the cute (or.. idol) version. 
Well, I don't really know about Dota2 (never play it before)

And my design:

Because idol things are closely related to girls, kawaii, and not exception: 
I create the design more simple, easy to wear, fluffy skirts, gloves, and addition: ribbon.
Also, the high collar I changed it into shawl.

For more wow, the invisible neck part I used silk organdy (it's in trend right now), I don't use tulle because it's too sheer.
Then the main dress I used dope bicolour taffeta fabric (it has 2 colours!)
Soft tulle, hard tulle, and cotton for skirt


Finished results:

Side view

Front view


I'm open commission for cosplay costume, email me at kyorinco@yahoo.com :)

Thank you!!

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Hi readers, first I wanna say: Happy New Year 2016! Finally I've survive this year haha. Thanks for my post reader, I'm glad to share my interest with you guys.

This time I'm gonna review a commission which I got from a man who's a fan of JKT48 member, Feni Fitriyani.

The present has given to her, check it out here 


Otona Ressha Costume Set from HKT48

I'm using drill as the main fabric for blazer and printed fabric for skirts and badge ribbon.

I don't really like to make blazer because it's really hard but when I got this commission order, I thought it's my chance to learn and practice lol.

Yes as I said before, I printed fabrics for the tie and skirts. 
It's really difficult to make the exact because I need a right ratio and angle. 
I used Adobe Photoshop for design from scratch to final. 
It's my 4th fabric design for cosplay - (1st is heavy rotation, 2nd is kibouteki Refrain, 3rd is Hanayo Love Live).


Blazer with lots of cuting patterns. I need to sew that all

Skirts WIPS. with appropriate angle.

Sew together the skirts, and iron. Btw that's the back side of skirts

Finished results :



Shoulder part



Wrist part

more photos

Otona Ressha costume in front of the JKT48 theatre

The costume has arrived safely at her home, together with other presents

I'm open commission for this costume, email me at kyorinco@yahoo.com :)

Thank you!!

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