Costume: Dragon Slayer BRS


Recently, I made a Black Rock Shooter Project with my other friends :). Me as Insane BRS, and the others, Marin as Dragon slayer/exterminator Eka as Black Devil Girl, Tona as Death Master, and so on.

I have a commision to make a Dragon Slayer costume:
I just have this picture, because this character doesn't play in any BRS anime/OVA/game. :'(

The truth is: I don't have any fit pattern for my friend's size. My first made dress seems didn't fit for her. So, I must make it twice, that's so wasting time, money, and energy ;;3;;

The second dress looks better! It has two side, 1 side in black and 1 side in red! the jacket already fit, and including the accecorices (crown, glove, belt, and chains).

I just photo the dress and jacket , but the another was already taken home by my friend.. >3>

Red side with jacket

Red side without jacket

♫ ❤ (。◕‿◕。)
Black Side

Thanks alot to sis marin for the order :)

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