Hi :)

Hello! Hisashiburi ne :)
Sorry, very long time I don't updating this blog. :)
I've a vacation, online shop business and so on.
AH! I recently be a model of cantiktok , an official bijin tokei for Indonesia only.
Bijin Tokei had an agreement with e-motion, a design company in Jakarta.
They selected some catchy models to hold a black  board.
That black board will be used as a clock.
You can access this Application on your Google Chrome, Androids gadget, iPhone, iPad, and so on :D
Here's some sample, the Bijin Tokei ver:

Cantiktok Ver.

Cute rite?? *v*////

Cantiktok hasn't officially accessable due to lack of models. But it will soon in September :)
Catch cantiktok at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cantiktok/310601795679064
and bijin tokei's : http://www.bijint.com/en/


*Special Thanks, Edelyn for inviting me :D and Nia for accompany us :)))

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