Review: Kamikyoku Tachi AKB48

 Hello! today I'll review AKB48's costume in Kamikyoku Tachi cover album.
Kamikyoku tachi is AKB48's second album, released in April 7th 2010.

Only some of AKB fans realize; the costume's designs are the combination of AKB48's older single. (did you realize this too? XD)
I begin with paradigmatic analysis (this is Marketing's consumer insight  word, means the analysis from top to toe :P)

The hair accessories-> similiar style with Iiwake's
The white shirt -> similiar with Iiwake's (or maybe it's exactly same!!). The folding and buttons are same!
The shirt's sleeve-> same with River's!
The Vest's colar  -> same style with Namida Surprise's!
The Vest's design -> same style with River's!
The patches-> exactly same with Iiwake's and other single's!
The skirt-> same design as Oogoe diamond's! Check at the foldings.

*Maybe there's more secrets behind this costume, and my analysis don't exactly true. It's up to you guys~ ;)*

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  1. love sae-chan!!
    love akb48 and their outfits xD theyre like the outfits i used to draw up all the time. wish i could go to japan so i can buy that kind of stuff xDD


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