My Activity part 1

Hello :)

on Wednesday and Thursday, I went to Central Jakarta to attend a Fashion show @ Plaza Indonesia.

*Thanks ijess (owner of Batik Kembang Sepatoe) for the invitation ! XD
The fashion show is a press realase a batik brand named Batik Kembang Sepatoe , Batik Flower, and Maniz.

I went there with Edelyn, my cosplay friend XD.
I don't have a picture with her, cos my handphone camera is the worst and my digital camera is still broke T^T.
I thought that the fashion show will wasting so much time, but it's not! only 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, I got the door prize, worth 400.000 IDR for each boutique! (=1.200.000IDR) XD
I'm usually not a lucky person, except for that time *_*.
*Sorry, I don't have the picture of the shows :'(

The fashion show is cool! Even the show is small and closed. Some models wearing contemporary and modified batik that wearable for any occasions. :)

After show, I was offered to interview by MNC (I forgot the TV show's name :0)

Ah don't forget the snacks from Tamani Cafe! OM NOM NOM  NOM

Then I checked the price for the clothes. Hell, some shops are so amazingly expensive! 1.000.000 for a cloth!! (maybe it's worth, because batik itself is expensive and hard to sew. You need an extra skill to suit the every piece and flawless to make it beautiful!). Except for Batik Kembang Sepatoe, the price is still affordable ;)

I and edelyn buy some Kembang Sepatoe and Flower's collection.
(Kembang Sepatoe's picture is coming up)

and Sushi Tei with Edelyn :3

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