DAY OUT! 9.9.2012

9.9.2012 ..
That day I was planning : waiting list on JKT48 theater
only that

JKT48 theater placed on FX, Sudirman, South Jakarta, Indonesia
I went there by bus from serpong (as usual) and arrive there around 12 PM (2 hours before the stage started)

This is what I see first:
along the outdoor~
some are from communities, personals, institutions, etc

and once I get on the 4th floor...:

(The theater is accross)
Hundreds of people, fans or wotas are gathering outside the theater
They are queueing (even I can't get the waiting list T^T),
selling JKT48 goods (so annoyed, they sell in the ground, and watching girls intensely)

(I worried, if that floor will fall down x_x)

ah, my friend was coming late.

We bought breads from Pan-Ya
so delicious!
Here's my favourite, meron-macha-pan <3

Then we decided to have karaoke in Inul Vista (just for 1 hours) :D
lots of AKB48 SKE48 SDN48 songs :D

after that, we were going back to the theater, and meet Edelyn's friends.
yeah, we got chitchat together and photo:

In the night, we went to Citraland
Lyto event
not crowded ( considering: It's already night)
we take photo with Elizabeth Seah and Kazue Chua, The owner and butler of Haru Cafe
My face messed up x_x

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Hahaha, i remember when the first time going there, the floor was wiggle-waggle

    1. Like what kak mar say, wiggle waggle like the floor will fall down o.o and more scarier when entering the theater, 250 org dalam satu ruangan gelap yang goyang2 lantainy, unbelievable, tapi cukup seru


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