30.9.2012 Jak Japan Matsuri

Late update, I'm so sorry :(
As usual, jobs are haunting me >_<
I have a new job to design costume for a local idol group *still secret :P*, and so on~

Ah lets just talk about the JakJap Matsuri
Placed on Monas (Monumen Nasional)
A big-yearly event

I don't really like this event.. So crowded and hot :(
The entry fee is so expensive #plak!

< 9.30 AM.. crowded right? JKT48 was having rehearsal and all visitor couldn't go in>
<some masked cosplayers were biking on Monas :'D>

I got a job to cosplay model and promote Astra Honda Motor's event
They have some competition and program- Cosplay competition, Photography competition, and IMB's contestant's performance
I'm cosplaying as Yuuko Amamiya from EF- tale of melodies - // - the latter tale-

I just work at the booth , but in the night day, I able to go outside and share some flyers:)
Here's some photos taken by photographers

me with Nesia

 Me with some I-LOL cosplay mates~ and also Henry (haha)

Photos credit to :
Henry S Infzero

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