6.9.12 JKT48 2nd Gen Final Audition

Last saturday I came to RCTI.
attending to cheer my friends who pass JKT48's audition
I get the invitation by Hikaru (no go) Mutsu :'D <Thanks!>
The dresscodes are: Red/white shirt with JKT48 attribute
(I don't have JKT48 attribute, so I made this all < for me and friends >, I got the photos from Shimbun :'D


I came to RCTI by my friend's car :) (thanks, sato and.. v-lix)
11.45 .... We were leaving Gajah Mada Plaza (my hang out place every saturday)
and arrived in time! 13:00 on RCTI <kebon jeruk>
After that, Niki arrive too and came into car.

The information about the audition show was so ruined x_x
They said that there'll be a sort of meeting, but that's cancelled :')
I meet Hikaru Mutsu, Marco, and 2 others <sorry, I forgot their name :( >
It was so wasting time, and we were waiting until 15:30
so, waiting... and Ricchan and Suu Kirisaki came

15.20 the show will started!

I got a very special place! near to backstage, near to members, and near to sound system x_x

 Heavy Rotation (1st Segment)

 Baby! Baby! Baby! (2nd Segment)

 Ponytail To Shushu (3rd Segment)
<OMG! their shoes model are great XD>

The announcement of the members who pass

my friends didn't pass :(


photos by me, Marco and Sato

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  1. I'm sorry your friends didn't pass :(
    It's great that they auditioned, though. I'm American, so I can't audition for anything.

    1. America doesn't have any japanese idol group? :(

    2. No! I've been hoping for an American 48 group, but I don't think that's going to happen.


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