Review: Platina Parlour Sweet Rendezvous


Platina Parlour, what's that? "

"The First Butler Cafe in Indonesia with original concept using Otome Game System. 
Launched at Nikkuri Tokyopolis event, 25-26 August 2012"

Actually, me and my other friends are a big fans of Purrapa. Since our visit in Nikkuri Tokyopolis event :)

The event placed at Krispi Kreme Central Park, West Jakarta.
Purappa has 1 new butler: Sei~ (the green hair)

I was the one who extremely excited to this event, and I ask my friends in college: delko , etha , and diamon (pen name) . 2 of them like Shuu (especially Shuu's vampire photo lol).

1.12.12, THE DAY HAS COME!

[brief explain: not important
Well, I went there alone, from BSD to Jakarta (I always used to go anywhere without troubling people around me :'D). Around 7.20 with bus, and arrive at GajahMada  8:15 for fashion design course. That day I only join half day, until 12:00.]

Then I went to CP! :D
Registrating at 13:00 ... and got Jun, the head buttler
2 of my friend couldn't join us because of lateness :(
Thanks, adel's lilbro, Adrian wanted to join :)

We kinda affraid if Jun is too masculine and "macho" for us <== This is what on our mind :P

but at 13:30, when we escorted by Jun, we directly felt that you're warm hearted #eaaa
((maybe the discussion isn't in the right order ^^;))
(J)Jun: "May I take your bags, milady?"
Me and my friend : "no, thanks" <==too cool for butler cafe /slap
(J): "Thanks for visiting Platina Parlour, my name is Jun. Milady and mister?"
(D) Delko: "Adel"
(A) Adrian: "Adrian"
(M) Me: "Marsha"
(J)    : "welll.. Adel, Adrian, Marsha" (remembering) . Okay, I'll get your meal.
((The meal come so fast!
Too bad, my tummy was already full and I only ate a bit))
.....((while eating))
(J)   : "Is it your first time coming to butler cafe?"
(D)  : "Except Marsha"
(M)  : "Yes"
(J)   : "When did milady come to butler cafe?"
(M) : "Hmm.. Nikkuri-Binus event"
(J)   : "Ah, you came to Platina?"
(M)  : "Yeah :)"
(J)   : "Thanks for come again to Platina, milady" ((chirachira masculine smiling))
(M)  : "A... your welcome" ((Blushing. why I act like tsundere?!))
..... ((eating))
(J)   : "Mr. Adrian, may I know what's you age?"
(A)  : "14"
(J)   : "Hmm.. If you deign, 3 years later mister can join Platina Academy and train like us"
(M) :  ((grinning))
(A)  : "Nooooo!! If I join, the service will be -1 !"
(J)   : " Milady can invite him.. He may be a nice butler in the future"
(D)  : "Yeah Adrian! You must join!!!" ((persuading Adrian))
(A)  : "Noooo!!!" ((declined :0 ))
(M) (D) : ((laughs!!))
(J)   : "lady Adel, want some chocolate chunks or grind nuts?"
(D) :  "both, please"
((And I remember! Adel requested cat for chocolate drawing, but looks like koala XD))
....... (eating)
(J)   : "Milady, already finish meal?" ((ensuring))
(D) (A) : "Yeah"
(J)   : "Okay, I have some games _____, _____, and tarot. which do milady and mister want?"
(all) : "Hmm"
(M)  :  "Maybe Tarot?"
(J)   :  "Okay. The rule is very simple. If the forecast good, I will explain and milady may photo any pose with me. If bad, I will show in my face and I won't tell further"
(D)  : "How about undressed?"
(J)   : ((smiling)) "No, you can't"
LOL!!! Delko ask crazy question!!!
((but 5 minutes left, only me who had forecasted))
((take cards,....))
(J)   : "Okay, let me see.." ((smilling))
         "It's very good!____________" ((censoring // I don't want reader know :P))
(M)  : ((gulp // the forecast is exactly same with what I got from others.. Such promising. Maybe I must take it seriously ))
(J)   : "Okay, let's take photo" ((again, chirachira masculine smile)) lol
((Took photo and went out))

Jun, Adrian, Me, and Delko

meong style

Oh my.. 30 minutes is too short!!!! I want longer time pleaseee >_<
Eating => time consuming!!!

I thought I prefer the real Purrapa. I mean a stand in events. Because Krispi Kreme is too crowd :(
But I Appreciate the staffs! nice work!!! :D
Very creative to cooperate with Krispi Kreme, and make some mini games .. and BUTLER DOUGHNUT!!! :"D
Adel (shuu doughnut) and Me (Kai doughnut)

Bought a photopack
and confuse how to decide whom?
Last word, Thank you Jun!!!
We love you so muuuuch!

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  1. This line:

    "(M) : "A... your welcome" ((Blushing. why I act like tsundere?!))
    ..... ((eating))"

    i really want to see it in real life.


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