Photoshoot: my Xmas!


Teaser by Arthur

Last year, 25 Dec 2012 (Right when Xmas day! lol) I had a Xmas Photses with some of my cosplay friends; Nesia, Susan, Tantan, and Yuki. The photoshoot was held in Taman Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia. On that day I picked by Yuki on Gajah Mada ~ ( than if I walk by myself from Bundaran HI :P )

I wore this :

As seen on my post here
The kamekos are: (I'll ask for hyperlink permission later)
Setiawan Eka Aditya
and 1 more I think -_-;

Me and popo Susan
Photo by Setiawan Eka Aditya
Model (from up to down) : Tantan, me, Yuki, Nes, Susan.
Photo by Setiawan Eka Aditya
Photo by Kresnata
Photo by Taqi

Photo by Arthur

And the OTSUKARE ~
up: (L to R) Lisa, Me, Susan, Yuki, Nes, Tantan
down: (L to R) Skylite, Kresnata, Eka, Arthur, and Taqi
The photoshoot is fun~ (even I forgot why it's fun lol)
I met some new friends and I got time to wear that costume finaly.
We love to mock popo Susan~ XD

Thanks for reading! :D

Next I'll post about my AKB48 RIVER costume!
have a nice day minna :D

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