Costume: Heavy Rotation AKB48


Another version of Heavy Rotation costume: here

"1! 2! 3! 4!
I want you! I need you! I love you!"

This time I'll show you my Heavy Rotation costume making.
I made this using Bunka So-En pattern. (This is my first time using this pattern to make costume :P)

First, I'll tell you the detail of the blouse.

 shoulder (I think there's shoulder pad inside)
 star/comic/newspaper printed skirt with one layer black petticoat (I'll post this later :D)

1st Type, Center model

with simple goldrope on sleeve edge

2nd Model


thick sleeve edge, with gold bling-blings

3rd model


 med size bling-blings sleeve edge

well, detail is important, right? :P

my making:

small parts

sew gold bias
bobby pins

huuft :'D
I accidentally made my microSD error, so some of the picts are lost.

well, my heavy rotation was shown in Bunka, my fashion design school

And this is the fabric design for the skirt. Thanks Arip for design it!

complete ver:

I wore this @ AKBxJKT concert

I'm accepting costume commission to overseas, email me :
I sold this heavy rotation skirt too. :D

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Nice job so far! After seeing this and River, I'm starting to become your fan! I love your attention to detail; I'd like to see you do Iiwake Maybe.

  2. I love the costume but what about the cat maid costume and the lingerie costume for heavy rotation ? So can you make a step by step guide to make them costumes please !!! Thanks have a good day

    1. yes, I'd love too ^^. Btw, which member version do you wanna make?

  3. I think your River post pictures is missing. Can you update back? Really wanna see River's. Thanks!

  4. It looks good btw :3 I hope there some step by step process of this </3 but I do understand that there was this SD card error ;w;


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