Photoshoot: Seifuku

Hellow! I'm back, after yeah.. around 1 month
My cosplay progress are stopped, because I feel ART BLOCK
really, since 2013 I've felt that I don't know what I'm seeking for, and lots of confusion from all sides
Well, I'm a cheer girl! I will do my best! (but still hard hehe)
Thank you for person who always cheering me :P
anyway since this blog is about my cosplay and hobby, I won't out of topic too much :P

Sunday, 31st March 2013, right in Easter Day, I did a photoshoot in Taman Menteng and Taman Kodok (the sub of Taman Menteng I think? :P) with some friends from I-LOL.

5 cosplayers:

Me (as Shirley from Code Geass)

Yukinem (as Azusa from K-On)

Nesia (As Aoi Kunieda from Beelzebub) 

Susan(As Yui from K-on)

Vinca (as original? :P)

and 3 kamekos: Ervan, Wijaya, and Arthur (Others are cancelled :< )

Why seifuku theme? I don't know haha
Maybe some of oldies want to feel "temporarily young" , imagine when they were still a student.

here's some results:

Bad susan wooooo


In the end, we make makkankosappo!! a popular style from Dragon Ball!
Original DB's

Our Makkankosappo.. harder than I thought lol

Thanks for reading!

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