JKT48 Costumes Review - part 1

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If before I only review AKB48 costumes, now is my time to review JKT48's!
What's JKT48? foreign sister group of AKB48, placed in Jakarta, Indonesia.
It's almost 2 years since JKT48 formed, and they have lots of stage costumes, especially tartan seifuku (Japanese uniform).
Here I will explain the live performance costumes (on TV programme)

This post will be devided into several posts, which will be published randomly.
Every post: 4 costume reviews.
*all costumes are with hair accessories, I don't include this in the reviews :)
**photos are not mine, some are from Official JKT48 and other photographers.

1st : Red-White Seifuku. 

Consist of long sleeve white shirts + tie + outer + high waist red checked skirts
Special: Melody has patch
Used : Heavy Rotation debut, etc
Type(s): 1

2nd. Yellow checked seifuku

Consist of short sleeve tops (2 types; yellow center-black, vice versa) + yellow checked tie (2 types: tape, tie) + belt + yellow checked skirts (3 types; 2 layers yellow-black, 2 layers yellow-yellow, span yellow skirt)
Special: Melody's seifuku tops are different than others
Used : AKBxJKT concert, etc

3rd. Blue tartan seifuku (like red type's)

Consist of long sleeve white shirts + blue checked tie (4 types: crossed, ribbon, tie , tape) + outer  + high waist blue checked skirts
Special: -
Used : Global TV 100% Ampuh, etc

4th. Floral dress

Consist of  floral dress only
Special: -
Used : Sakura Matsuri, etc
Type(s): 1

Thanks for reading!

Any mistake? post the revision in the comment :)

*Post to be continued*

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