JKT48 Costumes Review - Part 2-

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2nd part of my JKT48 costume review!
Okay let's scroll down!

5th: Simple

Consist of 1 white shirts, 1 black trousers, pink tie, silver boots.
Hair: ponytail from the back
Special: They band batik on their waist in an event
Used : 05.08.2012
Type(s): all same

6th: Baby Baby Baby!

Consist of onepiece and accessories (glove, hair ribbon, hats, etc), white boots (short and med)
Special: -
Used : ?
Type(s): all different

simpler than the AKB's

Low boots


original AKB's baby! baby! baby!

 7th: Ponytail To Shushu

Consist of blue one piece , boots(I love their boots *w*), hand band, and shushu
Special: -
Used : ?
Type(s): 2 ; (1) one row golden button with badge on tops (princess lined coupnad) and 2 layers blue golden-bias skirt . (2) two rows golden button on tops and 5 layers blue skirt

type 1

type 2

8th: British-green

Consist of : black tops with green bling straps (*) and abstract skirts (petticoat inside), gold boots, star hair accessories.
Special: -
Used : Euro 2012
Type(s): 2 tops: vertical straps and diagonal straps

photo : by official JKT48 and Rezza Habibie
Thanks for reading!

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*Post to be continued*

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  1. I really like the Baby Baby Baby costumes. Better than the original, I think.


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