My Activity part 2

Hi everyone, how are you?
1 month I couldn't update my blog.. and now I can! I'm free! holiday! holiday! XD
ups what happen with the title? (nothing haha)

1. Rush make yukata for a job in Ennichisai

5 hours :'D
day 1 ennichisai: me as Atsuko Maeda RIVER with adel as someone from Persona4
Day 2, as yukata girl or.. trophy girl

Thanks for my friends who have accompany me...

2. I made pattern for SWITCH, JSNavigator

    1 set: blouse, skirt, hat, and scarf (design by me)

looooots piece of pattern for 4 person x_x , must finish this ASAP

3. I was stucked in my semester exam ~

study for financial, the most 'sial' subject among others

4. Assignments for Bunka ; fashion design course

(the most frustating !)

Short Cape, (pop corn pinted sateen fabric! :D)

Basic Batwings (skeleton and ribbon printed tulle)
see bellow

cute right :D

Puff Sleeve, melon colours
Smoking for apron
Pink polkadot apron (before smoking)
Seam and pocket combined (tie collars haven't attached)
songket combined blazer

Here's the songket side
Have you realized? this blog's layout has changed, lol

Thanks for reading~

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  1. I'm glad you're back! I really like the clothes you've made for the fashion design course, too.


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