10 Nen Zakura Poster Craft

Finally I have something I can post here :D
yep, it's poster from 10 nen zakura, which I admire since the first time I watch the PV.

Time needed: >1 year
Time wasted: unknown. less than 3 hours maybe?

1 big thick paper (for base) and any colour paper for sakura
Cotton Rope and Sateen Rope

Poster Color. The last: Glue
Tools: Brush and Palette

How to make: Easy laa, but need patient. Set lots of soundtracks to not sleep, haha

1. Draw the tree, whatever to start with, the root, branch, or the colour. + ropes

Add ropes. TADA
2.Cut the colour paper into sakura shaped

You may combine the 3 layers (as seen on left side)

Here's the pattern
add your drawings. and attach

Thanks for reading :)

btw, if you look closer the last photo, in the black center, you'll look.. a scary man/goblin ;;A;;
It's just a coincidence, right? (^_^;) say yes!

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