AKB48 Graduation Dress


Lately AKB48 popular members have graduated..
 In their special last concert performance, they wore lovely dress which specially made for her, 
not someone else. 
It's her last AKB costume, as she change the costume, 
means she will step into the next chapter of their life.

So. here I have 6 top AKB graduated members,

1. Atsuko Maeda

White swarovsky dress specially made by Shinobu (AKB48 fashion stylist, now: general manager)

2. Kasai Tomomi

(no concert dress, only in theater :) )

3. Mariko Shinoda

I lost my folder, so for detail you can check on her ameblo :)
She wear 2 dress, on concert and theater.

concert dress.
If I'm not mistake, the theme is blue bird. cmiiw

in theater

4. Akimoto Sayaka

wait.. is this? haha

Akigori has 2 dresses which made by Shinobu-san. The first is Mushi no Ballad:

and the second is :
white silk tops , blue flower printed organdy, with sparkles of bling bling~!
She looks pretty ><

5. Itano Tomomi

She had 3 dress, 2 pink and 1 white
The pink long dress worn in her farewell concert

This short pink flower dress worn in her last performance

and the last, white dress. like a wedding dress :'')

6. Yuuko Oshima

Short dress with skirt extension, and I added Nakinagara Hohoende too ;)

7. Kaweii Rina

The dress inspired by pink rose petals,
with twin buns on her hair.
Why pink, because it's her fav colour (and mine :D)

8. Kuramochi Asuka

Same theme with Kaweii's dress.
Kuramochi Asuka's dress inspired by violet flowers, laces, and feathers, like an angel

9. Rena Matsui

Rena is the first graduate member which wearing long brocade sleeve . 
The flowers are  sign of her blooming days - 2588 days as SKE48 graduated members.
Btw, the dress theme is Mae no Meri, Rena's last single in SKE48 and the purple colour is her favourite.

10. Aki Takajo

White straight across neckline, empire gown. Using chiffon as outer layer, with black ribbon, and black lace for finishing.

Unlike other's graduation dress, Aki's is the only who used monochrome colour.

11. Miyazawa Sae

12. Iwata Karen

Karen wore the exact dress as Nagisa Motomiya dress when she elected as the next Atsuko Maeda on AKB0048 anime, (the character Iwata voice acted before).

13. Takahashi Minami

At first I thought it's a wedding gown because the white dress with tail.
If the front look is not short dress, I'll definitely say that it's absolutely a wedding gown lol.

14. Umeda Ayaka

pretty girl from NMB48, her appearance (when she haven't cut her bangs)
reminds me to itano tomomi.
I love her dress too btw <3

15. Kobayashi Kana



BTW, for you which is the best graduation dress?

my fav is Mariko and Kaweii's absolutely! 

Place your comment vote ;)

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