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Hehe the 3rd review :)
Thanks for the wonderful count views from the 2nd part..

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9th: Gomen Ne, Summer
Consist of 1 white stripes sailor fuku , 1 skirts or short pants, accessories and boots
Special: -
Used : 1st quarter of 2013
  • 3 different colours; soft pink striped, mint green striped, and light purple polkadoted. 
  • Serafuku: circular collar, rectangle collar, both with sleeves and not.
  • Bottoms: 3 layers skirts and 1/3 short pants.
  • Boots: the same with Baby! Baby! Baby!: med and short white boots.
  • Accessories: hat, hair band, hair clip, and ribbon.

10th. Black Checked Seifuku

Consist of 1 tops, 1 skirts, and feather hair accessories
Special: -
Used : 1st quarter of 2013

  • 1 type of skirts (the 3 layer of black checked-black-silver).
  • 2 types of tops: double line of silver mushroom buttons with black checked base and black plain as center plus 1 silver frills. one line of silver mushroom buttons with silver base and black checked as center plus 2 frills; black plain and black checked. 

all  members
The 2 Types
2nd Type

11th. Red Checked Seifuku
First impression: IIWAKE IIWAKE! LOL. Why? 2 patches (circle and shield) and crown as pin. silver chain and similar type of outer wear~

Consist of 1 white puff sleeve shirts, 1 red checked skirts (+black sparkling tulle) with black petticoat inside, red checked ribbon, and black boots.
Special: On the first, only member wear the outer wear. Limited quantity or seniority?
Used : 1st quarter of 2013.
Type(s): only one. The different is the red checked pattern; normal and with blings.

The 2 Types

12th. Gold / Silver One Piece

Consist of 1 one piece , boots (Gold/silver), black gloves, and black hair accessories
Special: Gold for 1st gen and silver for 2nd gen
Used : 2nd quarter of 2013
Type(s): All same. 
  • Gold: crossed center. Gold short boots
  • Silver: V line center, crossed side. Silver short boots

Photo: by Official JKT48, JKT48 official twitter account, Reza Habibie, Motret JKT48

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