JKT48 Costumes Review - Part 4 -

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13th: RIVER
Consist of 1 sleeveless white shirt , 1 sleeveless jacket, accessories(belt, hats, chains, bracelet, tie, gloves) and studded boots
Special: only akicha wears hat
Used : 2nd quarter of 2013
  • 2 tops types: 
    • Leather sleeveless jacket with white sleeveless shirt, with obi and pleated half leather-layered tartan skirts
    • Sleeveless tartan tops with layered skirts

14th: 1! 2! 3! 4! yoroshiku !

Consist of 1 tops and 1 pleated skirt, 1 pleated yellow neon bracelet, 1 pleated yellow neon hair accessories
Special: for Team K3
Used : 2nd quarter of 2013
Type(s): one. yellow neon + deep blue colour

15th: Yuuhi Wo Miteru ka? (apakah kau melihat mentari senja?)

Consist of tops, hair accessories (hat, hair clips, or headbands) skirts. 
Colour: BrunetteSpecial: -
Used : 2nd quarter of 2013
Type(s): every member has different costumes

15th: Flower Dress
Consist of 1 dress with fake flowers (somehow this remind me to AKB48's flying get flower costume) and hair accessories (headband or hair clips)
Special: -
Used : 2nd quarter of 2013
Type(s): different colours and styles

sources: kapanlagi.com, some fans photographs, member official twitter, etc.

thanks for reading :)

ps. the 5th part will be delayed a lot, because the JKT itself hasn't made the new costume (last: green for ramadhan). Next, I'll review SNH48's PV costume, yay!

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