SNH48 PV Costumes Review - Part 1 -

Good day everyone :)
I'm back giving reviews~. As I said in the last post (JKT48 Costumes Review - Part 4 - ), JKT48 review will be delayed and I'll slide to other 48 . The first is SNH48!
SNH48? the 2nd overseas sister of 48!
They already has a HUGE theater building in Shanghai, and performing Team K 4th Stage: Give Me Power (will be explain in next post)
Their PVs: Heavy Rotation, RIVER, Sakura no Ki Ni Narou, Flying Get!, Ponytail to Shushu.

1st: Heavy Rotation
Consist of 1 pink dress (tops cheongsam model, frill sleeve, white puff tulle skirt)
Special: -
Used : 2013
Type(s): -

2nd: RIVER
Consist of 2 costumes ; the white and the steampunk colour, black boots, black thigh socks, red tie
Special: in Heavy Rotation single, the white costume combined with pastel colour skirts (here)
Used : 2013
Type(s): white (1 type tops, 2 type skirts), spunk (1 type outer (different in mirror), 2 type  army skirts (pleated or pleated + layers)
white costume in Heavy Rotation single

white costume in RIVER PV

3rd: Sakura No Ki Ni Narou
Consist of 1 costume (white long shirt, pink blazer + SNH48 badge patch, brown tartan pleated skirt), accessories (tie), black boots (the same with RIVER's)
Special: used in Heavy Rotation
Used : 2013
Type(s): -

4th: Flying Get
Consist of 3 costumes ; the torned black seifuku, the creme seifuku, and red costume set
Special: -
Used : 2013
Type(s): red costume: white puff sleeve shirt, red outer(different in mirror), white-red puff layered skirts, black ribbon, hair accessories, and high knee black boots.
It's my fav costume! (*w*)
red costume set

torned black seifuku
creme seifuku

5th: Ponytail To Shushu

no explanation, just bikini and summer wears~

source: SNH48's weibo, forums.

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