My Activity part 3

Hi! Back to this periodical my activity post - out of the idol things, it's all about my life.
Somehow, it's become my reflection of what I did in the past :'))
Let's Read! Oops don't leave without comment, OK? :P

Project Fail

Not all of my projects are success, sometimes unpredicted things happen.
Making costumes will not 100%  identical.
It's up to your mood, your experience, neat, fabrics, tools, machines, etccccc!
Don't average all cosplayers who did their costumes excellently are able to make for others too.
Some of famous cosplayers are only understand their body pattern, not others. (so do I, sometimes.. that's why fitting needed)
I'm not saying that I'm famous, the reality I more often make commission than my project ._.

OK, I made skirt for AKB48 Flying Get flower version, but here what I got:

Wrong Fabric! It must be something thicker, but not chiffon or ordinary organdy. Maybe thicker organdy :/
For each of you that wants to make this costume, learn from my mistake :))
I'll remake later~


I was going to enter Lomba Perancang Mode 2013 (LPM) , but late submission... Haha actually they asked to made 12 designs and I made twice because wrong theme, and end to not submit anything ...

Koisuru Fortune Cookies costume for my BFF's sweet 17!
I really can't buy anything as gift, my assignments are killing mehh
So I made this. Wrong jacket colour btw, it must be red center, not white XD

more? haha secret! see you next post! :P


btw I joined La Fayette Competition, I hope I could make it to final

Yukata photosession, coming soon in blog!

Me and Adel @ AFA
Airy - Shining Hearts Costume Commission

Got Fatter by stress! resulting stress again

Gyuu Costume Commission

won Cony doll from KFC IM3 Booth

Finally, I started Fashion Design course final test 

Planning to make JKT48 KFC :P

I red the 2 last book of Bokura Ga Ita!
PS. now I become an elementary manga teacher for my past school, St.John.
Kids are cute (sometimes) </3

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lanjutkan perjuanganmu, nak. Tambah sakti kau sekarang.

  2. The planning make a kfc costume from 2013 ternyata


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