AKB48 Sayonara Crawl Costume Review

1st: PV Flower Bikini
Covered by fake flowers, (Is it comfie to wear?)
Main colour: Blue, creme, red, pink, purple
Used : PV, live performance

2nd: PV Yukata

3rd: PV White Set
Main colour: Blue, red, gold
Consist of 1 puff sleeve white shirts, white pleated skirts, flower crown
Special: -
Used : PV

4th: Neon Frill Dress
Swingy ~
Main colour: Green-yellow-orange or yellow-pink-orange, all neon.
Consist of 1 onepiece dress and hair clips
Used : live performance
Type(s): -

5th: Blue & White Sets
Main colour: Blue, white
Consist of 1 tops (sailor collar, non collar..), layered skirts, and hair accessories
Special: -
Used : live performance (Music Station, etc)
  • So many :P

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