AKB48 Flying Get Costume Review



too many versions, but it can be simplified to: princess (yukata, cheong sam), and prince (with trousers)
Used : PV

2nd: GOLD
Consist of 1 tops, 1 skirts, 1 boots, and hair accessories
Special: -
Used : PV and Live performance
Type(s): so many

3rd: BLUE
Consist of 1 tops, 1 outer tops, 1 layered frill skirts, blue boots, hair accesories,
Special: TVC=Blue boots, Live Performance = White boots
Used : Live performance and TV Commercial 
  • 2 inner tops types:
  • black, white 

4th: RED
Consist of 1 tops, 1 layered frill skirts, boots
Special: -
Used : Live performance
  • 2 tops types: 
      • frill on shoulder / sleeve

I remembered, they wear this costume for opening performance of AKB48xJKT48 concert in Jakarta, Indonesia (*A*)// I'm making this costume btw~ still on progress
Consist of 1 tops, 1 skirts, skin tone heel shoes, and hair accessories
Special: -
Used : Live performance
  • too many :))

6th: Gradations
This costume weared while they sang 3 songs; flying get, kachuusha and 1 another songs. But my perceptions this costume theme fits in Flying Get :)
Flower tops and belt, layered skirts (yellow, pink, green, purple)
Special: -
Used : Live Performance

any critics, comments, opinion, or curcols? put in comment! I won't bark! :P

Thanks for reading :)

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