JKT48 Costumes Review - Part 5 -

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17th: Green Costume set
This costume initially worn in Ramadhan month, the costume cover all member's body, and they look dressing modestly than any other costume.. 
Used : 3rd quarter of 2013

  • 2 Tops; center crossing and side crossing 
  • 2 skirts; Layered and non

18th: Koisuru Fortune Cookies
Same theme to AKB costume, and JKT's looks disco version (am I right?) *_*
Used : 4th quarter of 2013

  • Blue/Yellow theme

19th: Manatsu No Sounds Good!
Light and pastel colour, and here AKB's
It's more ruffles, and I think the dress is too long. 

Used : 4th quarter of 2013
Type(s): difference only in colour

20th: Black Seifuku
Simple costume ._. the skirts remind me to previous costume..
Used : 4th quarter of 2013
Type(s): Skirts and tie are same. Tops are varied

Bonus: Christmas costume <3

Photo credits to photographers, members, and official JKT48

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  1. Nerima pesenan kostum kan??domisili mana kak?

    1. tangerang selatan. langsung email ke marshaindira@hotmail.com ya :)


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