11.03.2012 - Clothing Line: Koneko Photoshoot!

Hi everyone! 
It's already night when I typed this post, I'm sorry if there are a lots of mistake hehe :))

Now I'm sharing my experience of my last photoshoot collaboration with @JSNaviedelyn , for our clothing line "KONEKO" .

Koneko, which means kittens in Japanese is becoming our mascot!

Our clothing line inspired by Japanese kawaii clothing, 
we produce and sell tops, skirts, dress, and various accessories!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Konekofashion


We took the photos in a studio in Jakarta /o/
So much struggle to got here, took bus 2 times, angkot, and lots of walk.

After 1 month leaving this city, I forgot this city shape!!
even I just go around S.Parman, Grogol, and Ciputra mall for half hour just because my clumsiness hehe
And it's rainy season, I dirtied my cloth by splashed past flood :((
I hope, someday my parents allow me to drive car to Jakarta *wish* >.<

after ya.. 1 hour,
Thanks God, I arrived in right time!

Photographers :

Kakapei, professional galau photographers from home
Hikaru Mutsu from Picculture.com

BTW, I changed my image become adult (oh my seishun~). No Bang and light brown hair colour !!<3


so childish T^T urrh

~sharing picts~

Miss Idol~! Kyaaaa!!

conventional selca, mirror please~

official photos will published in shop's FB/IG~

After shoots, eat pork ramen /o/ oh paradiseee
 I crave for this!!!!! T^T

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