JKT48 Costumes Review - Part 6 -

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My first post after 1 month live in Sukamaju!  yay I never feel so blessed in my life before I did  this live in program. 1 month without mall, tv, so hard to find nice internet connection.. sometimes I feel insecure, afraid of everything in there. I will never enjoy life there longer than 1 month.. haha. But now I back to Serpong! yeahaha. I will post the deeper story in next post~ now back to topic!

This post contains 3 costume reviews. why not 4? waiting the 4th is le wasting time and out of date!! While I have the spirit now, just do it!

21st: Star Dress
In glance I thought it's squall no Aida ni costume (the shift dress), with parasol/umbrella. But it's full skirt  dress version (wider skirt) /o/
Used : 1st quarter 2014, first: JKT48 3rd gen audition 

  • Purple dress with star motif
  • Other colour (green, orange colour) dress with candy/ribbon motif

22nd: Red-black Checked Seifuku
Really similar to 20th dress here but the tops diverse! 20th are short sleeve, 22nd are long sleeve. (Ps. this tops is 1 layer, not 2 :P)
Used : 1st quarter 2014, first: JKT48 3rd gen audition 
Type(s): (skirts are same)

  • 1st  type: no collar type, with cross bias side, black plain  on back, unsimetrical.
  • 2nd type: with collar type, black plain side, cross bias on back

1st type

1st type
2nd type

2nd type

23rd: Flying Get!
My intuition is true! SNH already launched Flying Get, and JKT will soon. Haha. Kinda dissapointed, the colour theme are same to KFC's :(.
There're 3 costumes in PV, blue seifuku, red cheongsam dress, and white dress.

Red Cheongsam tops with 4 layers of gold-black frill skirts

White no sleeve Brocade Tops (Skirts same) 

Blue Seifuku: 

Inner shirt is brocade tops from previous version. Outer are nice  and glamour look! with glittery yellow peacock fabrics (where can I find this fabrics! lol), steel buttons, and gold bias. Skirts are same as before, but plus 1 glittery blue frill layer. 1 random scarf tie (blue/yellow). Random white/black feather as hair/shoulder accessories.

1st type: short side
2nd ver: Long side


24th: Hanikami Lollipop
One of my fav song from SKE48:)) The costume a lot cuter than SKE's, maybe the fashion designer inspired by Kitagawa Kenji haha. Fabrics: cotton and tulle. Flowers, candies, ice cream, and off course lollipop decoration all over the dress.  This costume easy to make ^^

Special gratitude to photographers: 
 Flying Get (@ Java Jazz) : * @Akbarmoose : www.flickr.com/photos/akbarmoose/
                              * @AganSam : www.flickr.com/photos/agansam
    * JKT48 official photographers
* JKT48 members

btw, some readers ask if I could make and sell custom idol costume..
well, I could but I'm afraid if I can't spare my time to make those costumes..
But it's still okay if you wanna ask costume details, how to make costume, or place an order.
contact me: marshaindira@hotmail.com. :)

and also I just made an Instagram user: @marshaind

It will be great if we can exchange ideas, via twitter, email, instagram, or maybe on this comment post!
Don't afraid of me okay >_<! 

Thanks for reading /o/ 

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