Hi everyone, I'm back after passing lots of important event T^T. Mid Exam, some projects for client, competitions, etc. But I still lack of skill and luck in everything. The important thing now is to focus my college, so I put all things about my hobby and less important things aside. But IRL I just enjoy my lazy life, sometimes I don't have mood anyway T^T.

Btw if this is my last blog before Ennichisai, I wanna inform that I'll wear my Aishiteraburu SKE48 costume! Yuuhuu!

Btw sorry for people who sent me an email, I red them and accidentally delete it. :(
My bad habit, deleting all unecessary mailing list email  and delete your mail too T^T.  
Terribly sorry. It's not like I'm arrogant or selfish, but clumsy in real.


Maeshika Mukanee, Yuuko Oshima last center position in AKB48 song.
The song teach us to stay in your decision and do what don't regret your past!
I appreciate her action, by never show her sad face in front of their fans, she always smile even her heart doesn't feel so. :')


If you zoom your eye, you'll find out the snack packages are printed the member's name, like Kojima Haruna, Yamamoto Sayaka, etc. This costume nearly impossible to make the copy. Except you use the real snack package lol.

Tops: Black plastic bodice, 
Outer tops: 2 type blazer: Front zip and side button 
Skirts: 1 type: (top: 2 layers of colorfull shiny plastics, outer: plastic package, inside: black petticoat)

this costume reminds me to Kyary Pamyu's Tsukema Tsukeru <3
(Kyary's skirt is the real snack which sold in stores, lol)

2nd: [PV+LIVE] Green Tartan Seifuku

1st type

2nd type

back for black shoulder blazer type <3

Nice seifuku! diagonal cut tartan and embroided collars, make this costume looks more luxury and antique style! Btw I checked out that the embroidery in collar are attached, not sewed.

If you wanna make this costume, I recommend to use laser cut gold imitation leather, and DTG print for skirts and tie. 

Tops: White shirts
Outer tops: 2 type blazer: (black shoulder and not)
Skirts: pleated skirt (1 type)
Tie : 2 type: Black and green tartan
Accessories: hat, ribbon, tie, etc


Okay, haha. Many types here, I can't describe 1 by 1. Btw this costume only worn on Count Down TV (CDTV) 

And this type used in  National Olympic concert too, only... I think only Yuuko's costume totally different here :0, looks sexier (open her belly haha) and there's leopard fur on her skirt!


In this type I don't have any celarly detail photo, but you can see in Music Station videos (keyword: maeshika music station in google).

BONUS! SNH48's Maeshika Mukanee! (maybe JKT next :P)

more into Ebikachuu right? :P (Tomochin skirt, Acchan tops)


Okay, I finished this post with manly tears T^T
See you in next post! :D

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