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Hi! I haven't write about my activity lately , because I think there's no meaningful progress I've learnt in my life. I'm in shortage of life spirit /o/. My hikki side turn to be greater than I expect haha.

After I come back to Tangerang (after live in Cianjur), I start to change my appearance, first: hair! haha spot the difference~



more of my friend say that's this colour doesn't suit my face. Looks more chubby. Whatever.

last 2 months ago I joined Anisong Audition, my first experience in karaoke competition! I called it "Uji Nyali" , because I'm a shy girl and I really can't stand if people looking and judging my appearance. <-bad habit since forever. I sang Katayoku no Icarus from anime H20, and no one know this song lol. I didn't invite my friend because I'm afraid MORE if people I know is watching me! Guess what, I met Vani, Yumi, and others who really kind to me /// As an amateur singer, of course you know the audition result right? Yes! I didn't make it to final haha. Btw nice time wasting for my self -_-; YIPPEEY

Then I tried to finish my costumes ;;

Aishiteraburu SKE48


Flying Get Flower ver.

something. Guess!
something! guess!

Ah, I said about Ennichisai in last post where I cosplayed Aishiteraburu from SKE48. Too bad I didn't really enjoy this event because OVERCROWDED. that's it. But I like the foods.

then last month OFFICIALLY I'm graduated of Bunka School of Fashion \o/ after 2 years struggle for this piece haha

then 1 week later I joined MMK audition. This is my 2nd time, and got rejected again. haha.
(sorry for sharing this unlucky girl story, I'm honest.). But I'm happy meeting the girls there. Now we are friends :))

my ootd blah blah

all girls

And Miku Expo. On Sunday I try to visit Miku Expo too, 2,5 hours for queueing but the line didn't move at all. Haha. Desperately I left the venue and did group work at a mall not far from there. Sucks!

Miku  Line Expo

That's all my sharing, pardon if my story isn't motivating you guys. lol. Sincerely I got lots of topic to share but It's more desperating than what I told above haha. So, you guys have a great day ya! Thanks :D

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  1. Congratulations, kid. I'm very proud of you.

  2. wow...honestly, just know that you also are shy & not like crowd/too many people... ^^

    Congrats on your graduation btw!
    Let's celebrate & have fun again?.. ^^

    PS: I love ur SKE48 cosplay.. you are beautiful, & also talented/creative girl.. (also a funny girl! lol :D :p)
    I'm proud to know & have friend like you.. ;')


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