2014 Costume compilation

Happy (am I Happy??) New Year 2015! Time flies faster than I can imagine (this actualy said when bad event and struggle has passed, but not in certain situation hha).

Right now I'm in my last semester in school (amen), 8th semester and I still panic with my finally- final assignment: 


I don't really like work in office, but I must forget my laziness.. for this time haha :''))

Btw new blog template yay (still being renovated)

Well, this year I made some costume, honestly in slooow motion. 8 costumes + 1 commission (not attached)

Aishiteraburu - Rena Matsui ver,

Flying Get Flower - Minegishi Version

1% Itano Tomomi

JKT48 Koisuru Fortune Cookies.  I'd discard this maybe

Secret ;)

AKB48 - Sakura no Hanabiratachi
Yume no tobira Love Live- Nozomi Tojo

Love Live - Bokura wa ima no naka de

I don't make this, it's from Hanayatama

Most of it haven't worn yet. haha. 

In 2015 I'll focus on making ordinary (I mean no costume) ready to wear clothes, I'm thinking to make my own label too. Beside, I'm on my half year doing fitness exercises.., especially body combat hehe. But please don't hit me x_x

Bonus: Hair cut revolution 2014: You can use this pic as wallpaper hahahha *slapped* jkjk

Btw, what costume you want me to make? I can post the tutorial if I can :)) (female costume only ya)

Which costume should I wear first? 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Do you think you could make Watanabe Mayu's Manatsu no Sounds good costume? I really like your Aishiteraburu and your Flying Get and I want a costume for a convention i'm going to in February.


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