SNH48 PV Costumes Review - Part 2 -


6th: Koisuru Fortune Cookie
+ Christmas version 

7th: Football Party

-1st type-

-2nd type-

8th: Maeshika Mukanee

1st and 2nd type :)

9th: Gingham Check
 3 version; mechanical costume, black checked dress, and blue stripes set <3

black checked dress

-blue set ver-

1st type

2nd type

10th: Beginner
 2 version; Dance live ver (like Heart ereki yellow ver) & Car racer
-1st type-

-2nd type-

Btw sorry for late update, I just finished my final exam 
Actually I'm in 7th semester, and I still have internship program to finish.

feel free to give comments on below ;)

Thank you :'')

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