DIY: How to make pleated skirt

Hi! I'm Kyorin! This time I wanna teach you how to make pleated skirt, this time, the pattern.
It's quite simple, you just need some thorough the mathematic equation.

What you need: 

Fabric *width 1.5m (recommended), *length according to your skirt length
Tools: ruler & fabric chalk

I use this sample: Owada Nana from AKB48. Kibouteki Refrain

1. Waistline: Usually 2-3cm from your belly button.
2. Skirt:  length from waist line to skirt end
3. Total plaids: count from the photo, times 2.

How to:

Make same pattern as pattern above.
Sewing allowance: 
Every skirt width side minus 2  and the spare 2~3 cm on length side. 
Plaids are the remain fabric divided total plaids. 

Plaids will devided into 2 section; front and back.

front plaid + back plaid = 1 plaid
then back plaids will be devided into 2 section, middle(2) and lower part(3).

fold on the area pointed, the result will like the right part.

Any question? reply this post if you have any :)) 

Thank you!

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