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Hey, good day everyone! Looks like in several countries has been in autumn season, so I decided to come up and blog more regularly. I thinking of making AKB48 autumn singles review, but maybe next time.

Yep! back to topic, ebikachuu costume review! well, I've cosplayed ebikachuu in 2 years ago, the serafuku version:

looks young :'') *happy yippie*
But let's skip it now.

A week ago, I started to make costume, everyday kachuusha. The perform version.
With still sailor theme, but in kawaii version *blink*

Ebikachuu, Kuramochi Asuka version.
Why her? I don't really know about her personalities, but I love the costume, I think it's the best from others. Looks eyecatching, and I already found the costume .. 1 year ago. lol.

Btw I'm aiming to push myself to be more productive, after long term in no mood.
Thanks to mr.R, he often gave me some motivational things until I got way more stressed out than I did before T^T



cut into several pieces

front piece finished!

skirt almost finished



embroidered star

printed scarf

sailor button

Thank you !

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  1. so fun read your story, interesting, sometimes make me laugh (dn't know why) hehehe


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