AKB48 Kibouteki Refrain Costume Review


What's up everyone! I just finished my 3 months internship program (feb ~ may '15) and now I'm doing my final thesis. Sometimes I frustated to my future career and if what I've done (cosplay, study marketing, or fashion) are worth. I start thinking to build up my professional career, no regret, no turning back :')

Back to topic, yeah I'll review Kibouteki Refrain since I'm making the costume too ! *lol*
The costumes are inspired by long coats and of course - 48's iconic - seifuku and tartan.
Mainly coat + white shirts + vest  + skirt

1. PV ver.

Type 1 (Sakura's)

Type 1 (Paruru's)

Type 2 & 3

type 3

This costume has 3 version
1. the tartan collar long coat (which is also included with black vest) with 1 layer of gradation small pleated skirt or 2 layers 
2. the black collar long coat (no vest, yes simpler) with gradation small pleated skirt
3. the simple navy blue blazer with colorful skirt (worn by the back girls only)

and various ties.

2. Red-White Fluffy Costume Set

I saw this costume when coming to AKB48 x JKT48 concert in Jakarta, looks so cute especially the circular wave skirt OMG 
Sorry I don't have so much detail about this type.
So, this costume set has a tartan long coat , full tartan fabric make this looks so heavy.
But it's ended when they open the long coat and basic set as seen as the 2nd pict! Red and white (remind me of JKT48's first costume). Suki <3

3. Green Costume set

I don't have any detail of this costume yet. I found this pic in tumblr when searching about AKB48 Costume Museum. Click this link for the performance.

Here, I give 2 bonus picts!


Back Side
WIP Kibouteki Costume <3 hint first!
My progress are since April, 2 weeks of designing the fabric 
2 weeks of back and forth printing office to proof colours
A week to design revision (1 part) (final)
now still making the costume also waiting revision to delivered to my place.
So much tears when doing this

Btw I'm making Sashihara Rino version :D

More info in my upcoming post !

This mid May I will finish this costume and photoshoots! Yippey!

So, coincidentally when I still WIP-ing this, the next day JKT48 announce they use Kibouteki as their new Single. Heart attack..! This also happen when I was making RIVER and Heavy Rotation.

Bonus: JKT48 version

Reffrain yang penuh harapan 
(It should be refrain)

Comments are welcomed, so just write bellow!
I'm accepting commission from overseas, email me at kyorinco@yahoo.com
have a nice day!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. actually, there's a few wrong information from you
    on 1 PV Version, The first pic isnt mayuyu's type costume but actually that is miyawaki sakura type costume because mayuyu type has different skirt colour , mayuyu's type has red colour on the top of her skirt and yellow on the bottom one , and miyawaki just like on that first picture. For the second picture, that isnt miyawaki sakura's type , that is paruru's type costume ( shimazaki haruka ) the second picture isnt center type costume . Miyawaki sakura and also Watanabe mayu ( mayuyu ) are center ( kibouteki refrain = has double center ) so they have same type costume. the different with the second line ( paruru / shimazaki haruka & matsui jurina ) is the ribbon on their neck and the collar . The center ( miyawaki sakura & watanabe mayu/mayuyu ) have full colour check on their collar and they have a big ribbon on their neck but the second line ( paruru/shimazaki haruka & matsui jurina ) have a half masive colour on their collar and the simple ribbon oh their neck. but i love all their costume. thanks for your informatioin, nice info by the way.

  3. The fluffy red is for Music Station Special Live. The green black one is Music Station where Miruki open the show with her solo song debut.


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