AKB48 Kokoro no Placard Costume Review


It's almost a year since this single released, Is it too late for the review?
Kokoro no Placard or Kopla for short was sold in 27th August 2014,
and the second single which engage fans to dance along with them after Koisuru Fortune Cookies.
Overseas sister, SNH48 and JKT48 covered this song too!

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PV ver.

1st time I see this costume, balloons everywhere! Is it heart placard or plastic heart? lol.
 I love how the crew make the tutu, so fuwa-fuwa(fluffy)!
I wonder the inside of the balloons, is it foam or air?

Pink ver.
Blue ver.

Colour Cage ver.

Fans faced to the message which is customized by every member! Equipped with crown or ribbons 

1st type with outer cage
2nd type, simpler version

Monochrome Seifuku

Lot's of type for this version, seemingly every member has different style.
Some messages are written on one side of the outer, like "I love you!"

NHK ver.

Cutest! Laser cut skirt mixed white love embellish, looks old fashion but still kawaii! 

Thanks for reading ! 
For you, which is the best version?
Don't forget to put comments bellow :D

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