AKB48 Kibouteki Refrain Costume

This time I'm gonna reviewing one of my hardest costume:

Kibouteki Refrain
Sashihara Rino ver.

This outfit is so colorful, makes me headache.
So many fabric patterns, and it's my 2nd time trying to make design on photoshop.
I must make full costume with patterns as perfect as possible, from base pattern to final pattern, 
requires +- 3 weeks, using my free time on internship :p

Even when you pick colour and get the right colur on your screen, it doesn't determine you'll get the exact colour on the printed fabric result.

I got 2GB for the final design on PSD,
went several times to printing house until I get the real colour :')

(People sometimes asked if I learn design from university..
No! I learn by myself)

all the files..

I make it so detail, the costume pattern isn't do hard, but the detail is killing me x_x

see the tartan lines? hahaha

For the back side

tiny plaid skirt.. omg haha

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Final result~


left side

front side

back side

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Cosplay photos by nickcorner

I'm open commission for this costume, email me at kyorinco@yahoo.com :)

Thank you!!

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