JKT48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie

Even though I like you,

it's like you're not interested in me

I prepared myself so many times to have my heart broken

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
I repeated this song and get laugh over and over.
Yes, It may be my love story haha.
This song is so catchy, even when I got drunk on new year eve 2014, I sang it in Bahasa version. -_-

Well yeah, some of you may know that I've already planned to make the costume since the song was on air - late 2013. I like the AKB version very much. But seems like it's impossible to find the exact fabric (wrong fabric stiffness, texture -> different result -> learn from experience).

Don't know why, everytime I went for fabric shopping, I always meet this shining blue fabric. That thing looked at me and trying to allure me, "come on, come on, come on baby! look at me". Of course, I didn't buy it right away, just wait for the right time, because I got bunch of school homeworks to do!

Then, I bought!

FYI, the blue fabric still sheer, then I need to make it thick with blue coloured vlieseline
I had hard time on ironing them. Result:


I needed around 1 1/2 years to complete this costume.

If you make this costume, remember if the bling fabric mustn't be ironed because the bling part will detached to your iron.

WIP Tops

Shoulder part
WIP Tops (2)

WIP Skirts

WIP Skirts (2)

I got wrong once when processing the skirt, box pleat with trapezium shape is so tricky.

I used 2 way fusible web from pellon to easily do hemming.
still, not to iron the blue shining fabric

Finishing part - adding fake gems and buttons 

Here's the result!

Last, :p 

Level: ☆ - Advance

I'm accepting commission for any cosplay costume, especially idols!
send email to: kyorinco@yahoo.com 

Thank you!
Any questions? write in comment section bellow!
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