Antimage Dota2 Idol Version Costume Review


In late 2015 I got a commission from Donna Visca for a Dota2 costume - Antimage,
It's my 3rd time made her costume. (Heart Ribbon, Lina Dota2, and this)

So here's the real form of Antimage

 the cute (or.. idol) version. 
Well, I don't really know about Dota2 (never play it before)

And my design:

Because idol things are closely related to girls, kawaii, and not exception: 
I create the design more simple, easy to wear, fluffy skirts, gloves, and addition: ribbon.
Also, the high collar I changed it into shawl.

For more wow, the invisible neck part I used silk organdy (it's in trend right now), I don't use tulle because it's too sheer.
Then the main dress I used dope bicolour taffeta fabric (it has 2 colours!)
Soft tulle, hard tulle, and cotton for skirt


Finished results:

Side view

Front view


I'm open commission for cosplay costume, email me at :)

Thank you!!

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