Dynasty Warriors 8: Sun Shang Xiang Costume Review


Another commission: Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors 8 !

It's my 2nd time making this same costume haha.
I used satin bridal and  pvc leathers for the main fabric.

Btw, in this costume I challenged to did embroidery 
(I did tracing and the embroidery by other people)

I should rescale from the original picture, print, trace.
There are 9 parts: 2 in legs, 1 for back, 2 for front, 2 for sleeves, 2 for gloves.






Leggings (or side leg), it's a long embroidery. check the refference picture :p

The finished result:

Chinese button

Skirt (it'll be sew together with belt)

Back part

Short pants with snap button

Short pants

Btw there are still other parts: boots cover and belt (forgot to take the photo..)

I'm open commission for this costume, email me at kyorinco@yahoo.com :)

Thank you!!

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