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Early January I got interviewed by Iro- Iro Trax FM!
For you who don't know what's Iro-iro, it's a radio show on Trax FM which reviewing any japanese things, such as music, culture, idol, cosplay, etc since yearrsss ago!

At first, one of the host interested in me from my blog and told one of my friend to help inviting me. 
I was required to bring 2 costume (but only 1 I brought), and I was puzzled because it's a radio talkshow, why should I bring costumes?

Yeah, a BIG SURPRISE, It's a video show! which is 4 session! 
I was sooo honorable to be the first guest!

(and I was a bit nervous..)

Thanks God, the hosts (Echibon and Qwill) are so kind and "rame", they really reduce my nervous!

Curious? Watch it here! 
(It's a playlist, please watch the whole 4 videos) ^^

1st Part: Iro-Talk (Interview about costume making, idol, and my life..)

2nd Part: Iro-News (Flash news about japan news)

3rd Part: Iro-Tomodachi (Replying your question by tweets!)

4th Part: IroChallenge! ( Challenging game between me and 2 hosts, this time: costume design challenge!)

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I will upload some vids soon!

Thank you Iro-Iro team for inviting me :)

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